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Internet Hosting Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policy

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Terms of Service Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy

Please read this carefully, this is the legalese of having a site hosted with Spartacus Systems. Because we believe that up-front clarity will make both you and ourselves happy, we want to make this as straightforward as possible and in plain English.

First, grammar. "Us", "I", "our(s)", and/or "we" refer to Spartacus Systems LLC. "You", "your", and/or "they" refer to you, the client requesting and using Internet hosting services.

Agreement: You agree that by placing an order either via the Internet or by paying a Internet hosting invoice, that you are agreeing to this terms of service and acceptable use policy. You may not make modifications of this agreement.

Acceptable Use: You may not use our hosting services for the following:

  • No illegal activities of any kind.
  • No generation of unsolicited bulk e-mails (spam).
  • No sites hosting hacking tools, warez, or material in violation of the material's copyright.
  • No pornography or child pornography.
  • No IRC servers.
  • The key here is the Golden Rule: Treat other people like you would want to be treated. If more people did that we would all be happier.

    Important: This agreement may be terminated by either party for any reason.

    30-day Money-back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason you may terminate service in the first 30 days and you will receive a full refund of your hosting fees.

    Satisfaction or Else: If you are unhappy with our services for any reason you may cancel your hosting subscription at any time.

    Privacy: We will not not sell, distribute, reveal or otherwise make your customer information available to any third party. The only way we will do so is under a court order.

    Payments: Our standard method of payment is with a credit card. We offer you a choice of one of our two payment processor partners, PayPal or 2CheckOut. Both are reputable companies which accept a variety of credit cards. If you have no preference, we would prefer you opt for PayPal, simply because our fees are lower with them. Invoicing is available for public educational institutions only.

    By hosting with us you are subscribing to a service, which will be automatically billed monthly or annually. We understand that you might have a rare credit card problem, but any such problem we expect to be addressed promptly. Accounts past due are subject to suspension of service.

    Termination and Refunds: If you have paid for hosting in advance, if you decide to terminate our service you will be entitled to a pro-rated refund from the end of the month following your termination notice for all future months that you have paid for. However, if you have paid in advance and we terminate your account for violation of acceptable use of our service, you will not receive a refund.

    When you register a domain name you own that domain name giving you various rights and the ability to sell or transfer that domain name; no refunds will be given on domain registration fees.

    Server Usage: Your Internet services reside on server computers which also host other clients' services -- a shared hosting system. You agree not to run processes or programs which use an inordinate share of system resources. If you do, we reserve the right to terminate your account; but again, either you or us can terminate this agreement for any reason as stated above.

    Bandwidth Usage: Your hosting plan allocates a specific amount of Internet bandwidth. If you exceed your bandwidth allotment we will work to temporarily expand your bandwidth so that your services will remain functional. This expansion is voluntary on our part to keep good customer relations. However, we expect to be paid for extra bandwidth usage as per our current rate. If you decline to pay for our voluntary bandwidth expansion we will simply fix your bandwidth at the amount specified in your hosting plan.

    Parked Domains: Hosting plans which allow "parked" domain names are only for domain names which are substantially similar to the primary domain name. Parked domains are intended to be used to secure additional top level domains and/or to account for common misspellings in domain names.

    For example, if your primary domain name is "" valid parked domains would be names like "", "", "", etc. Parking a domain name of "" under the account of "" is a violation of this agreement and our acceptable use; you would have to use a separate hosting plan for "". Determination of what is and what is not a valid parked domain lies solely with us.

    Server Backups: It is your responsibility to back up your web site(s) and/or data. While we have a stellar track record of providing reliable servers and service, we are in no way liable for lost data or service, hardware failures which cause data loss, and/or your loss of business resulting from such.

    Liability: We are in no way liable for lost data or service, hardware failures which cause data loss, and/or your loss of income and/or business resulting from such. Our total liability under this agreement is the refund of the monies which you have paid in advance for Internet hosting.

    Geek Speak: MegaBytes (MB) and GigaBytes (GB) cited are measured in human-based 1000 units instead of computer-based powers of 2 (1024).

    Change of This Agreement: We reserve the right to alter, amend, or change this agreement at any time. Notifications to you of any changes will be made via e-mail to the most current e-mail address we have for you.

    Version 1.2; Date 2010-10-5