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Educational Technology Support

Spartacus Systems' president and lead consultant, Randy Edwards, knows education from an educator's perspective. Providing robust and affordable consulting and technology solutions to educational institutions is a key focus of our work.

What can we do for your school? Many of our services are already described in other pages on this site -- please be sure to examine them. But several are worth repeating here.

We are experts in free software and using it in educational settings. We have much experience in this field and for a small consulting fee we can typically provide robust and innovative solutions which can literally save your school thousands of dollars in software licensing fees.

Would you like to run online classes? Using the free Moodle dynamic learning environment (online school; click on this link to see a full-blown demonstration of Moodle where you can log in as a student, teacher, parent, or administrator), we can install and configure the software on your servers or in our own datacenters. We use Moodle ourselves in our online classroom, and we also provide staff training to allow your teachers to take full advantage of their new online school.

We can create a web site that will attract teachers, students and community members alike. We can implement this at a cost that is so low it's almost embarrassing.

Whether you use a domain name of "" or "", we can host your Internet domain (web and/or mail and more, it makes no difference).

Why should you host your school's Internet domain with Spartacus Systems when you already have fast Internet connections at your school?

  • Our servers are maintained in a way few schools can afford to do. Our servers are monitored 24/7/365.25 and average well over 99% uptime.
  • Hosting with Spartacus Systems means increased security for you. You will not have to worry about de-militarized firewall zones at your school to keep attackers from penetrating into your school's local network. Hosting with us means that the vast majority of Internet attacks will hit our servers and we have a deep background in computer/network security.
  • Hosting with Spartacus Systems provides your web site(s) with much faster data lines than your school can afford. Our data centers feature redundant OC-12 and OC-48 fiber data lines from different/redundant ISPs.
  • Hosting with Spartacus Systems frees up your school's Internet bandwidth to be used by students and faculty. You off-load some of your traffic onto us.
  • Hosting with Spartacus Systems saves you money! Your school's tech will probably spend several hours per month to properly maintain an Internet-exposed server. But for the cost of about 1 hour of that tech's time you can host your entire Internet domain (mail, web, and more) with us.
  • Hosting with Spartacus Systems frees up your school's tech person(s) to concentrate on your local networks and your school's teachers and students.
  • We can provide custom training on a variety of educational technology topics.

    We have much expertise in making the maximum use of old computer equipment. Do you have a computer lab of old but working Win98 or WinXP machines that you're going to discard? Don't do it! For a fraction of the cost of a new computer lab we can turn those machines into "net PCs" which run modern software at "normal" speeds.

    Have questions? Have a project in mind but you wonder if it is viable and realistic? If so, don't hesitate to contact us.