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About Randy

Spartacus Systems' principal consultant is Dr. Randy Edwards. Randy has worked with many types of information systems and has over 30 years experience with microcomputer systems.

He has worked for over a decade as a computer consultant, doing jobs for countless small businesses but also working as a network security consultant for companies such as Intel, Deutsche Bank, VISA, Paine Webber, and others.

Randy has a deep background in computer networking and security, getting involved in those fields long before they were buzzwords in the general computer industry. Similarly, Randy's experience in working with the Internet dates back to the mid-1980s -- years before most businesses "discovered" that the Internet could be used for general business purposes.

As an educator, Randy has taught in wide variety of settings. He is a former computer science professor, has taught in formal military academies while serving in the US Army, has extensive experience as a contract corporate trainer, and has taught computer science and the social sciences in public and private high schools.

In the educational technology realm, Randy has worked positions ranging from a school district technology coordinator to a college director of technology.

Randy holds degrees in information technology, divinity, education, and a broad spectrum degree in the social sciences.

But more important than his resume is Randy's character. Randy has the skills, experience and gumption to tackle the largest information technology problems and to solve them. But he also realizes that the smallest parts of a project are often the most important. And if your problem for some reason cannot be easily or affordably solved, Randy will tell you that point blank.

Many businesses today believe that money is the bottom line. That is perhaps true -- but only to a certain extent. A more important bottom line is a person's integrity and character. Randy firmly believes that if you make millions from shoddy work and sleazy business tactics, you're not doing the world any favors and you shouldn't be classified as a success.

This leads to the idea that "a job worth doing is worth doing right," an idea instilled in Randy at a young age. Many times Randy has come across customers wanting to cut corners in a way that will wind up costing more money in the long run, or in ways that will inevitably hurt the customer's business. In those cases, Randy does not hesitate to inform the customer of the situation. He believes that if those jobs are to be done, such jobs are better left to others to do.

This combination of skills, experience, and ethics are unfortunately rare in today's business world. However, if you're one that believes in solving information technology problems cheaply, honestly, and properly, then you'll find Randy's approach a refreshing change.