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About Spartacus Systems

Spartacus Systems LLC is a computing consulting and services company.

We do many computer-related tasks including Internet hosting, systems analysis, support, maintenance, administration, repair, and even value-added resale and implementation of computer systems, components, and peripherals.

We're located in the small town (pop. ~2000) of Colebrook, New Hampshire, USA, near the Canadian border, somewhat close to where Vermont, New Hampshire, and Quebec all meet. Why Colebrook? Why not?! Here near the headwaters of the Connecticut River the air is clean, deer and moose almost outnumber cars on the roads, and lakes and streams abound.

Colebrook is in New Hampshire's Great North Woods region, and when combined with redundant Internet connections, what more do you want?! Smiley

Spartacus Systems maintains a truly global reach. We maintain servers in Germany, Singapore, and in multiple locations in the US. Our servers are located in data centers feature multiple fiber optic data lines from redundant ISPs, battery and generator electrical backup systems, with 24/7/365.25 monitoring and security. Our primary US data center is centrally located, in Chicago. Being rural does not mean low-tech.

Over the years we've learned to maximize your information technology dollars. These skills are honed to a fine art by Spartacus Systems' lead consultant, Randy Edwards.

Randy has a deep background in using free software and innovative, frugal, yet robust and reliable solutions. One of our key specialties is using the GNU/Linux operating system to solve problems.

Make no mistake about it, Spartacus Systems is small company. It's quite doubtful you'll confuse Spartacus Systems with an IBM, EDS or other global computer services firms.

While some may see that as a drawback, Randy sees it as a distinct advantage. With Spartacus Systems you count. Your business matters and your satisfaction is of the utmost importance. While larger firms do offer some advantages, Randy is sure that no organization will put your satisfaction at a higher priority than Spartacus Systems.

Often, bigger is not better.